What would you like to see?

There’s a hurricane-a-brewin’ outside. You’re bored, I’m bored… (and evacuated out of my Brooklyn home, sigh.) As long as my power stays on, I will do my best to post things you want to see!

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  1. thewolfinsheeps answered: i would like to see 80’s hip hop counter-culter
  2. emtakesontheworld answered: Taylor Swift!
  3. boncafeprosenpoetry answered: hurricane in NYC? unheard of. I lived there for many years until the kids have grow n up
  4. groovin-to-the-bo answered: the cheese heads comic books
  5. mr-raccoon answered: Do you have any unreleased photos of Paramore?
  6. paperpastries answered: Amy, love the things you post. I want to see mail and or things related to the post.
  7. danc3-in-the-d4rk reblogged this from life
  8. ourbluesea answered: A post about Jaques Cousteau? Thanks!
  9. littlemeanykid answered: more 40’s and 50’s pictures
  10. lellew answered: Waterfalls
  11. cghig answered: any portfolios of the grateful dead?
  12. boatalay answered: design and art movement
  13. lidiamonge answered: life!!i like to see the real life!!
  14. nami64 answered: a disney post (i’m a huge fan of donald duck :3)
  15. chocolateraine answered: Outer Space?
  16. hautalintu answered: I would love love LOOOVE to see pictures of the lovely Audrey Hepburn !
  17. veboo answered: genuinely happy people please, thank you.
  18. rickscheibner answered: How about some jazz legends?
  19. abandonedfear answered: Elephants!
  20. cwnerd12 answered: anything relating to the soviet space program, esp. daily life of cosmonauts
  21. creativelybored answered: 60s fashion?
  22. postcardsformyfolks answered: I want to see vintage pictures of New York City on a rainy day!
  23. uselaine answered: Got any vintage Bruce Lee photos?
  24. zuhdibaikberuntung answered: ied fitri
  25. carolofo answered: bad global position america !
  26. myfriendhistory answered: crazy hurricane stories
  27. flannelland answered: The Civil Rights Movement
  28. camelthorns answered: And did you now that the hurricane is also going to canada!!!
  29. silverstairway answered: It’s difficult to wait a storm out, especially a slow-moving, wide-sweeping one. Wish you the best.
  30. a-la-madness answered: elvis costello <3
  31. rubivizcarra answered: my dream is go to new york so i’d would like to see some thing(even a trash can) of new york :)
  32. rebecca-c answered: Mary Tyler Moore!!
  33. cactuscoitus answered: The Beatles!!
  34. thefastestarelegends answered: u want to see a re-enactment of the hurricane’s doppler with items from your house strewn across your floor, most likely clothes.
  35. owlbytes answered: parisian night shots-I need a distraction from this hurricane!
  36. westpalmer answered: How about great photos of Palm Beach?
  37. hoosbecca answered: A unicorn flying over the Himalayas and landing in a field of corn surrounded pokemon and ponies. Please.
  38. attackofliteracy answered: Jimmy Stewart or Lighthouses or Graffiti
  39. jkrollie answered: Marilyn Monroe, Alice Paul, Gil Elvgren….
  40. mesands answered: Do you have any pictures of hands? Thanks! (P.S. I love following this tumblr.)
  41. jamekaangelie answered: can I see some ’80s fashion please!
  42. omega3labs answered: lost culture headwares
  43. regalbadass answered: Elizabeth Taylor please, anything, specially in her 40’s
  44. communitychest880 answered: Koalas
  45. ericgranwehr answered: JULIE ANDREWS IN HER PRIME!
  46. theillestvillains answered: 50’s basketball photos
  47. paacifique answered: Pictures of west coast Canada!
  48. 4466chakra answered: 3 stooges